Have YOU…

… worked hard all your life, maybe raised or are raising a family, always been the strong one, come through challenges and helped others through those very same challenges, often at your own expense, and you’re now wondering if you’ve anything left to give?

And not just to others, but to yourself….

 Are you worried, or scared, about what those close to you might think if you suddenly put yourself first, started taking some ‘me’ time, making self-care a central part of your life?
Or whether they would support you if you decided you wanted to change career, go back to work, travel – things that would change not just your life, but theirs as well?

Do you feel that your life revolves around others?

But that there’s nobody there for you because people assume you’re strong and capable?

Do you sometimes think you don’t even have time to breath?

Do you sometimes feel you’re not good enough?

In this increasingly hectic and pressurised world that we live in, it might feel like you’re on a treadmill, constantly moving forward but not actually getting anywhere.

You collapse into bed at night, and either toss and turn, or wake up the next morning as exhausted as when you went to bed the night before. Maybe you’re even looking after your older parents as well as your young children.

 You’re a mother, daughter, sister, friend, organiser, cook, maybe a wife, a working woman, a taxi driver, a volunteer.
When are you ever ‘ME’?

You’re not alone – believe me.

Not only have I been there in my personal life, but in my professional career I have helped countless people move past that paralysing state.

Changing your life – or even just one or two things in your life – can appear daunting. And it is, if all you can see is the big picture. But by taking small steps, you will get there, and I will help you.

I have walked a similar path to you: not the same path, but one that helps me understand yours.

And I can walk alongside you while you change the direction you want to go.


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